Night Photography in the town of Drammen



Rune Karlsen tok disse bildene av meg da vi fotograferte Drammen om natten.  Vi var ved Ypsilon broen og under hovedvegen som går gjennom byen.  Det ble 10 timer med effektiv time-lapse fotografering.

Rune Karlsen took these pictures of me when we photographed Drammen at night. We were at the Ypsilon bridge and the main road that runs through the city. There were 10 hours of effective time-lapse photography.

Photos by Rune A Karlsen


Fra Høstutstillingen på Fredriksvern Verft 2012








Article in Gadling by Elizabeth Seward

Elizabeth Seward, writer and musician with a tendency to wander off the beaten path, 

writes about Brunlanes and Norway in her article on the worldwide travel portal Gadling.

In Gadling she tells stories from near and far places of the world.

This time she has made an article about Brunlanes.

GADLING «Video Of The Day»


Norway is a long stretched country from the south to the north. This Time-lapse video is made within a few square kilometers in the county of Vestfold, Southern Norway. The calm and beautiful summer in the little place Brunlanes was my target for this video. All the clips content is from the farming events that take place in the short, but efficient growth period of summer. The sun is up alomst 24 hours a day at this time of year, thus the fast growing of plants sets inn.

Thou I am a night photographer I had to document the very short summer and growth period of one of the most productive farming areas in Norway. This daylight Time-lapse video was shot over a two month period in july and august 2012.


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DP Svenn Dvergastein

Canon EOS 1D Mark II N
Final Cut Pro X
KORGx50 Synth

Morgendis, Dawn

the valtari mystery film experiment

Sigur Rós - varúð

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varúð – from Sigur Rós new album «valtari»

Video & Photography

Svenn Dvergastein

Sigur Rós – varúð from Dvergastein on Vimeo.


A music track to relax to :-)

For some reason we have days in our life that are different from all the rest. For my self they appear as time pockets where my mind often finds the time to create tranquility spaces. As if I’m on an adventure that ultimately can result in something creatively, or just as a pitstop, refueling and then taking of again.

I composed the music track «Lost Days» to try to describe, or to define what it feels like when this happens. Since I’m also a photographer it felt right to add some pictures that I’ve taken at the coast near the shorelines of my homestead Stavern, Norway.

Music by Svenn Dvergastein
Photography stills by Svenn Dvergastein
Video by Svenn Dvergastein


Lost Days from Dvergastein on Vimeo.

Traveling stories

The Voyages Of Night



Night Skies


Wonderful nights at my homestead around Larvik and Stavern, Norway in january 2012, became a timelapse-movie with my own song to follow it :-)


Vidunderlige netter i området rundt Larvik og Stavern, januar/februar 2012, ble til en timelapse-video.


Sjekk ut siden min på Vimeo:



Thomas Datt «Sweet Disposition» (Thomas Datt Remix)